EM30 0.4 kW - 7,5 kW

High-tech motor control concept, based on advanced DSP- technology V/Hz, SENSORLESS VECTOR with SPEED/TORQUE control, sensorless PMM synchronous motor control.
Intelligent AUTOTUNING functions for easy set-up
Rugged construction, all metal enclosure, thermally decoupled from motor, IP67/NEMA 4, shock proof(4G) – for motor- and wall mounting
Flexible configurable 4 line character LCD display
ready for all common field bus systems
Numerous standard inverter functions, to make it suitable for all kind of industrial and civil applications, and for retrofit as well- integrated PID controller
C3 class EMC filter build in, optional kit for internal C1 class filter available
Smart PC-tools, for inverter control, parametrization and troubleshooting. parameter-COPY- stick
Approved for worldwide standards by independent bodies

the highlights of EM30