HFR Softstarter 15 kW - 500 kW

For smooth start of any kind of asynchronus motors, reduction of inrush current and mechanical stress.
Startup control mode:
- Current mode: Start ramp at defined current limit
- Voltage mode: Startup at defined voltage ramp
- Boost function
Startup control mode:
- Free stop by inertia
- Stop controlled by voltage ramp
Controlmode: - Keypad, terminal, MODBUS
Startup control mode:
- Programmable I/O channels
- MODBUS interface
- Integrated LED display, to set parameters and to display drive status
- Optional remote control
- Relay output for Bypass with programmable delay
- Status relays output
- Parallel operation of multiple motors
Intelligent protection functions: Overcurrent, overtemperature, motor overload, phase symmetry