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Pumps controller with EM30

Super compact booster units Motor - pump - inverter: one unit Simple installation, easy to set-up, pump intercommunication via MODBUS Efficient algorythm for pressure-, flow- and level control Various optionals available: fieldbus integration, W-LAN, SMS alert

EURA IP20 Inverter

Fan array: Modular system, easy to configure. High reliability / redundancy. Homogeneous air stream, low turbulence, compared to single fan. Very quiet operation. High efficiency, due to central control. Single condition monitoring of all motors. Ready for integration in superordinate control- / bussystems.

Ventilator with EP66

Compact fan control, inverter mounted directly on the fan assembly IP66 protection degree, for outdoor use (with shadowing) For industrial and residential area (C1 filter as internal option available)

Ventilator with EM30

Direct mounted on the motor terminal box, short motor cabling, reduced EMV problems, no shielded motor cables required. Compact design, high protection degree, roboust full aluminium construction. Ready for installation in industrial and residential area (C1 filter as internal option available) For critical operating conditions (Heat, dirt/dust, humidity, vibration

EP66 with Add on box

Modular enclosure expansion of the EP66 drive: Stainless steel box for different customer specific add-on components, like I/O filters (sinus), chokes, selective motor protection- / bypass switches. Easy to assembly, EP66 protection degree. To order on customers specification, for low quantity as well.

Elron Projekt EP66 Mittelfrequenz

High frequency inverter with high protection degree: IP66 Frequency range up to 1300 Hz Customer specific solutions up to 15 kW

Vakuum pumps,

Compact blover/vacuum unit, inverter mounted directly on the motor, high protection degree. Short motor leads, no shielding required, reduced EMC problematique. Customer-/ motorspecific mountingkits/-plates available in short time

E2000 400kW

High horsepower inverter in cabinet (up to 800 kW). Protection degree IP4x. PFC DC-link choke as standard. Optional mainswitch. To configure with various customer specific options.

EP66 90kW

Deep well pump drive (up to 150m). Multiple pump stages for irrigation water supply on different levels. Suitable for decentral power supply (genset), due to low startup current. For outdoor use (with shadowing).